The Human Brain

is a powerful processor which can analyze as well as execute.

We are Grey Sim

Derived from Grey-matter Simulation, Grey Sim is a leading player in the Edutainment (Education + Entertainment) sector in India. It is helmed and navigated by a group of enthusiastic, cross-disciplinary professionals who share a passion for grooming our next generation.

As enablers of dynamic activities that engage both the learner and the teacher, we work to create value for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach at least 1 million children in the next 3 years and bring about a positive change in their lives with our activity-based learning pedagogy, and thereby make them future ready.

What we do

All parents wish for only the very best for their children – including ‘the best education’. Most invariably fail to define ‘best education’. Given the fact that we cannot see the future and hence are quite unaware of what the ‘next big thing’ will be, it then becomes mandatory to focus on a willingness and ability to constantly learn.

At Grey Sim, we help kids become future-ready by simply ‘teaching them how to learn’, with a focus on bringing relevant and contemporary subjects to their attention. We strongly believe that our brain is not a mere pen drive to be used only to store data, but rather, is a powerful processor which can analyze as well as execute.

The Team

Our Brand Ambassador

Mike Senna

We are glad to introduce our brand ambassador, Mike Senna, known as the creator of live replica of #R2-D2, #Wall-E, #EVA and #BB8, and if you are fascinated to see these characters on screen, then you would surely love to see these characters in real life. Well it is easier said than done, but Mike has made it possible and if you are up for it and ready to join our Tinker community, then he would love to share some of his experience and latest projects. Working with Grey Sim in India. We are excited to get him connected with the budding makers community in India through our online portal. Who knows, we might get one of the great tinkers of present time.

Our Initiatives

We work towards Redefining the Learning by designing and executing educational programs for the children through various channels. We encourage Learning by Doing and to support this initiative we setup Tinkering Labs, which is an state-of-the-art facility, fully equipped with tools and equipment to give shape to young imagination and bring ideas to reality. With our proven experience of running STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) tinkering lab. We are already supporting 50+ schools across the country to establish Atal Tinkering Labs within their school to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds; and inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc. For all the students who are associated with our tinkering labs, we provide them Monthly Impy box (DIY kit), delivered at their doorstep.

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G-Bot is an indigenous 3D printer,developed 100% in India, by Indian and for Indians. With improved and unique feature of PFRS (Power Failure Recovery System) which is need for Indian market. Along with other state of the art features like touch screen, assisted bed leveling, glass bed without adhesive tape, block resistive nozzle, with large print volume of 200mm x 180mm x180 mm.
G-Bot is durable and user friendly so you can use it without worrying about power failure for daunting leveling. It is controllable through an easy-to-use touch screen panel and is built using robust parts that can sustain continuous long hour prints without malfunctioning.
G-Bot also offers the enjoyable experience of building, customizing and designing your own prototype. It is very easy to use with open-source filament and software that can be easily customized to suit various industrial, educational or recreational purposes.

Pluto is a smartphone controlled nano-quad copter that can be built, customized and flown by anyone.
Pluto is durable and user friendly so you can fly it without worrying about crashing or damaging it. It is controllable through an easy-to-use smartphone application and is built using robust parts that can sustain multiple crashes without malfunctioning.

Pluto also offers the enjoyable experience of building, customizing and flying your own drone. It is very easy to assemble and uses an open-source firmware that can be easily customized to suit various industrial, educational or recreational purposes.

Wit Blox  is easy snap, no soldering Robotis DIY kit effective for introduction to electronics and robotics.
Robust modular system capable of building complex projects with high educational value and better understanding of the electronic sensors and circuits.
Compatibility with standard prototyping platforms like bread board and Arduino broaden its scope and utility.

Evive is an open-source embedded platform for all age groups to help them learn, build, debug their robotics, embedded and other projects. With an Arduino Mega at it’s heart, evive offers a unique menu-based visual interface which removes the need to re-program the Arduino repeatedly. evive offers the world of IoT, with power supplies, sensory and actuators support in one small portable unit


Grey Sim Ltd is proud to present 3rd edition of KenKen® International Championship to India – a wonderful activity that is guaranteed to make our young generation smarter and, of course, globally competitive!

Our objective is to gather as many participants as possible, from across India, to compete at the school, state, and national levels, and the selected few who will eventually represent India in the KenKen® International Championship to be held in New York.

Impy Club

Impy Club is an exclusive club for kids aimed at kindling childrens’ inherent curiosity and keeping alive the joyous sparkle in their eyes, by providing an ‘unbound learning’ experience through a hands-on, interactive and activity-based pedagogy. Based on the ‘I do, I Understand’ principle, we engage children in a fun-filled environment and turn them into active observers.

Directed at children aged 6-12 years, Impy Club help young minds to dare and think beyond, through various initiatives like, Impy Activity Box, Impy Club App, Impy Talks, Impy Labs, Impy workshops and many others.

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3D Learn

Today, one can see a rapid transition from 2 dimensional printing to 3 dimensional object printing. 3D Learn is an integrated yearlong Program which can extend any computer lab in school into a design and innovation lab equipped with G-bot, our indigenous 3D Printer. Students can actually produce a 3D model in a physical form, very easily and precisely. We have developed a state-of-the-art technology in the field of creativity and shaped it into a product which is capable of challenging the boundaries.

This is first time ever that such a high-end technology is reaching school students in India. We are proud to be associated with the young expert of this industry and are implementing this program for the prestigious schools in India.

Our program is designed to supplement mainstream school curriculum by providing an active learning experience through 3D models, educational kits and life experiences.


Feel free to email us, phone us or visit us! We’d be delighted to hear from you. You can find us using the map below.

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  • A-303 & 304, Kailas Industrial Complex
    Veer Savarkar Marg, Ghatkopar Hiranandani Link Road
    Vikhroli (W), Mumbai 400079, India

Our Clients

We have served more than 50 schools with our DIY kits and STEAM Workshop program.

Universal high schoolR_N_Podar_SchoolBillabong-International-SchoolBombay_Scottish_SchoolDelhi Public SchoolBirla School, KalyanRyan_International_SchoolGSISHIRANANDANI FOUNDATION SCHOOL
NannavatiSt. Mary's School (ICSE) St.-Jesus-Mary-School-Greater-Noidashree swami narayan gurukulDon_Bosco_MatungaRumi-english-school-Panpur-Savgadh-Gujaratshree-swami-narayan-gurukul-salva.pragnyabodhiniChembur High school , Wasi Naka Rd, Jai Ambe Nagar, Chembur
Shardashram Vidyamandir School Nalanda Public Schoolrajhans-vidyalayaMKES English School, MaladNES SchoolGundecha-education-academyLakshdham schoolmanek-vidya-mandir-Vishwakarmamanek-vidya-mandir-VishwakarmaNanavati
Thane Police SchoolGREATER-VALLEY-SCHOOLGokuldham-GokuldhamFt.-Agnel-SchoolDAV-public-schoolChrist Church SchoolChildrens-Academy-Malad-eastvapi public school, Dj Doshi Gurukul

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